Skin Pigmentation – Reasons & Solutions


July 2019

Skin Pigmentation – Reasons & Solutions

By: drPauls

Skin pigmentation is a condition where our skin appear darker than usual or become uneven than the rest of the body. A substance called melanin in body produces skin cell and when there is any change in melanin production these cell gets damaged causing abnormal skin. Other skin pigmentation problems might cover issues like blemishes, acne, spot or even albinism (people with pale hair, skin and eyes). Two types of Skin Pigmentation Hyper pigmentation  When your body starts producing excess melanin then it called Hyper Pigmentation causing skin conditions like white patches, Lentigo, melasma etc Hypo Pigmentation  When your body starts producing very less melanin than it known as Hypo Pigmentation causing skin conditions like albinism, vitilgo etc Reasons for Skin Pigmentation The biggest reason for uneven skin pigmentation is exposure to sun, this might also sometime cause permanent damage of melanocytes.Another reason could be hormonal imbalance, especially during pregnancy or menopause.Some type of medications such a hormonal treatment, birth-control pills or anti-aging drug might also cause skin pigmentation.Acne and dry skin can also cause skin pigmentation.Family history or skin trauma are also said to be producing uneven skin pigmentation. Solutions for Skin Pigmentation Best solution for skin pigmentation is protecting your skin from UV rays. Applying minimum SPF 15 is a must before getting out to sun.To minimize hyperpigmentation you should also exfoliate twice a week.Home remedies such as applying avocado juice, cocoa butter, vitamin C cream, and lime juice with honey could also do a better job. Professional Solutions for Skin Pigmentation Laser Peel – Laser peel will remove dead skin cell only from upper layer of your skin helping the skin look lighter.Chemical Peel – Skin care chemicals are used to remove upper layer of skin to produce healthier skin.Microdermabrasion – This treatment helps to remove old skin cells and produce new skin cells that reduce uneven skin tone.


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