Skincare Through The Ages


July 2019

Skincare Through The Ages

By: drPauls

As our skin tends to change with time it gets really confusing on how to get amazing skin in all age. Many believe following same skin care routine can be best, but skin needs different routine in every decade. The products that worked in your 20s will have no impact in your 30s or 40s. To maintain youthful and glowing skin we must tailor our skin care regime according to our age. Following article will let you know what exactly happens to your skin in the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, and tips to overcome skin issues. Skin Care in 20s While your skin is youthful and glowing in the 20s, you might have acne and tanning issues. This is the age when you can start a skin care routine and healthy habits to maintain nourished skin. Tips – Wash your face twice a day and make sure you remove makeup before bed. Soap-free cleanser is good for oily skin and creamy cleanser for dry skin is advised.Moisturize your skin every 4 hours at least.Use SPF 30 or above sunscreen to sun-exposed body before stepping out to sun.Acne lotion/cream prescribed by dermatologist Skin Care in 30s This is time to get serious about taking better care of your skin. In 30s, your skin cell count goes down and you might get uneven skin tone, skin pigmentation etc, so follow the below tips to avoid such issues. Tips – Gentle or non-forming face wash is recommended in 30s.Anti-oxidants rich serum and sunscreen with above SPF 30 will help.For repairing the skin and booting up skin cells you must apply retinol based cream at night.Exfoliation twice a week will remove dead skin cell Skin Care in 40s This is the age when fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, lose skin start to appear. Most skin issues come up due to hormonal changes as well. Tips – Milky or cream cleanser will restore moisture in your skinTo stimulate collagen in your skin you must look for Vitamin C or E rich cream/lotionAnti-aging creams which are retinol based will reduce acne and boost skin cells. Skin Care in 50s In mid age of 50s sagging and dull skin are common issues. You should take good care in this age, not only to prevent skin issues but also to feel healthy from within. Tips – Creamy cleanser that moisturizes your skin is advised.Retinol and peptide-based serum will repair skin damage.Of course, healthy eating is key to healthy skin in all age, so never miss out in it.


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