Stay Young and Healthy With These Wonderful 10 Foods


July 2019

Stay Young and Healthy With These Wonderful 10 Foods

By: drPauls

As we age, the resistance power along with the strength and stamina of the body decreases. The skin also loses its radiance and develops wrinkles and fine lines. Hair too is not spared as it starts shedding. However staying active, eating the right foods, and leading a healthy lifestyle can help you to look and stay young. When it comes to eating the right foods, here are top 10 foods that you must include in your diet not only to stay young but also physically and mentally sound. Oysters: Oysters are sea foods that are enriched with minerals such as zinc and selenium and antioxidants. It improves vision and keeps eye-related diseases at bay. Tomato: Tomato is a rich source of lycopene that deals with the free radicals in the atmosphere effectively. It is an antioxidant that repairs damaged cells, increases the immunity power of the body and fights cancer. So include tomatoes in your diet from today. Watermelon: Enriched with fibers and high water content, watermelon is a beneficial fruit that hydrates the body and keeps the skin wrinkle free. During summer time, it is a must eat fruit to prevent dehydration. However, if you are not particularly fond of watermelon, you can try out other hydrating fruits like cucumber, apple, peach, celery etc. Salmon: This awesome sea fish contains omega 3 fatty acids that decreases skin allergies or irritations. It also ensures proper functioning of the brain and attributes to sharper memory. Wild salmon is particularly good as it contains lesser amount of fat and chlorinated pesticides that farmed salmon often includes. Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate may not be tasty, but it is an amazing anti-aging food. It includes antioxidants like resveratorol and flavanols which encourages blood circulation and protects the skin from the adverse effects of the sun. According to a research, it is even more healthier than milk. Spinach: This green leafy vegetable is superb for us as it is loaded with vitamins and exceptional lutein content. It helps in keeping our eyesight good and in the formation of haemoglobin. Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes aids in keeping the skin healthy and wrinkle-free. It is formulated with powerful antioxidants that helps us to stay young for a long time. Walnuts: Just like salmon, walnuts too are infused with the goodness of omega 3 fatty acids that defends the body against high blood pressure and heart disease, and improves bone strength. Yogurt: Yogurt especially the low fat ones are extremely beneficial for our health. Yogurt is enriched with calcium, that keeps osteoporosis at bay. Yogurt also fights with intestinal ailments that is associated with old age. Carrots: Carrot is a rich source of beta-carotene and other powerful phytonutrientss. It keeps eyesight healthy and the skin protected from free radicals in the environment such as pollution, sun damage etc. To sum up youth and health goes hand in hand with the foods we eat. Include the above-mentioned 10 foods in your diet to look slim, young, gorgeous and keeping diseases at bay. Knock a few years off by squeezing your diet with these foods loaded with anti-aging properties.


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