Stay Young Forever with These Amazing Anti-Aging Foods


July 2019

Stay Young Forever with These Amazing Anti-Aging Foods

By: drPauls

The three formulas to stay young and healthy forever is healthy lifestyle, proper eating habits and an active life. Healthy skin and hair is strongly associated with the nutritional intake that we take on a daily basis. A nutritious diet can keep diseases at bay and keep us youthful in the long-run. Here are some awesome foods that will not only give you nourishment but also help you to stay healthy and strong despite age. Salmon This sea fish can combat age perfectly. It is enriched with omega-3 fatty acids that not only attributes to physical youth but also enhances brain functioning and intellectual power which begins to wane with aging in a person. Selecting wild salmon over farmed products is always beneficial as it contains lesser amount of fat levels and chemicals pesticides. Green Vegetables Spinach, broccoli and cabbage comprises of calcium, folate and antioxidants that can fight with different signs of aging. They not only improve skin condition but also help in keeping the bones healthy and preventing the eye diseases caused by aging. Among other green vegetables, kale is extremely beneficial. Loaded with vital nutrients like vitamin K, potassium and lutein that is vital to maintain good eyesight and health of the bones. Another benefit of this veggie is that it controls the blood pressure levels. Carrot and Tomato It is supplemented with phytonutrients, beta carotene and lycopene that shield the skin from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. Tomato is full of antioxidants that keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay which becomes more apparent with age. You can also use it as face pack by taking out its juice and applying on the face. Beans Beans are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants that will help you to stay young in the long-run. Beans are also infused with fiber that helps in fighting cholesterol. Chicken With age our body starts losing collagen and as a result it becomes inelastic. If we eat chicken it can speed up collagen formation. It is fortified with zinc, copper, and selenium that aids in maintaining the skin’s flexibility and also improving the body’s overall resistance power against diseases.  Avocado Avocado is loaded with folic acid, vitamin B, potassium, antioxidants and mono-unsaturated fats. It can combat with age effectively and make the body stronger. Other benefits of avocado include reducing cholesterol, alleviating lower blood pressure, and improving skin flexibility. It is also associated with reducing heart diseases and the risk of osteoporosis. Kiwi Eating kiwifruit will not only help in sustaining a radiant and clear skin, it will also encourage healthy bones. It comprises of vitamin C and other crucial nutrients that counterbalance the free radicals present in the atmosphere. Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate prevents heart diseases, encourages blood circulation and shields the skin and hair against UV solar rays. It consists of resveratorol and flavanols that are extremely beneficial in staying young. Include these foods in our diet from today and stay young forever.


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