Strip technique or FUE? What Choice Should One Make?


July 2019

Strip technique or FUE? What Choice Should One Make?

By: drPauls

Strip Technique or Follicular Unit Extension (FUE) – The Two Most Effective Hair Transplant Methods. Hair loss can be one of the most demotivating things that people encounter in this stressful life. However there are a number of techniques like transplant that can get you rid of this condition. Hair transplantationinvolves removing follicles that are hormone resistant from places where there is enough growth and placing them in scanty growth area. Strip technique and FUE are two common techniques used these days both involve the removal of hair follicle. Strip technique is a method where patches of hair along with scalp are cut and placed in less hair covered area. FUE is a method individual follicle units are extracted and placed with the help of a very thin needle. It is dependent on individual person hair growth structure; the doctor must describe the pros and cons of both methods if performed. Common comparative benefits of FUE and strip technique are listed below: FUE is less painful and the post-transplant visibility is less as there are no scars and strip technique involves stitches.If you wish to have good volume of hair then strip technique may seem good as FUE is recommended for people who wish to keep short hair.Strip is more likely to be suggested if there are large patches of baldness.In terms of recovery FUE is better as there are no cuts and stitches, people with active workload prefer FUE as they can resume to their normal routine sooner.FUE technique is more expensive than strip technique. Whichever technique is selected it is a must that the dermatologist who performs the transplant must be successful and experienced enough to gauge which method would be suitable. Very careful thought and research is a must on the choice of the doctor.


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