Success Story – Acne


July 2019

Success Story – Acne

By: drPauls

Success Story Of Acne At Dr.Paul’s We bring to you one more testament of our client Ms.Arunima. On a Monday morning, Ms. Arunima Das walked into Dr. Paul’s clinic fed up with her acne problems! Ms. Das was received & directed to our Specialist. An hour long session of briefing was done where enquiries were made about the treatments the patient had undergone, the medications she took and also any diet plans she was following. Ms. Das gave us a very clear picture of all her health habits which helped us to come up with a clear plan for a great skin. We examined her skin and explained the grade at which her acne level was, what treatment she would be undergoing, intervals of medicines, food to eat, food to avoid and emphasised on making regular visits. The smile on her face became wider as she visited regularly and could find visible difference. In 5 months time she walked out as a satisfied patient. If you too are suffering from skin troubles, you have seen the results! Pick up the phone and call us to book an appointment today! ** The name of the patient has been changed to protect their privacy.


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