Take Care of Your Heels this Winter


July 2019

Take Care of Your Heels this Winter

By: drPauls

Cracked and rough heels is the problem with almost everyone around the world. And this gets worse during winter season causing pain and embarrassments. Otherwise known as heel fissures happens due to poor foot care and hygiene. During winter season when the climate is chilly and dry our heel tend to lose its moisture and starts flaking. In worse situation it gets difficult to stand or wear some kind of footwear and also sometimes heel starts bleeding. To avoid such condition you can try out some simple following methods to keep heel issues at bay and enjoy winter time! Top 10 Tips to take care of your heels this winter Once in two days soak your feel in lukewarm water for 15 to 20 minutes, this will soften the skin. Now you can remove outer layer of dead skin cells using pumice stone.After washing heel, massage sesame/almond oil before going to bed. This is one of the best things to do for repairingcracked heel.Mix glycerin and rose water to foot bath, this will soften and cure rough heel.Mash and apply ripe banana to affected area for 15 minutes for quick heel.Use petroleum jelly or special creams available for treating rough heel overnight and scrub it off in the morning.To hydrate foot skin, apply paraffin wax or mustard oil after soaking your feel in warm water.Sugar scrub is not only for face it does exfoliate foot skin as well. Mix sugar and base oil (lavender, coconut or almond) and massage to exfoliate your feet.Always wear socks when stepping out to sun or at home during winter to maintain repaired heel.Pedicure once or twice a month is must during winter.Of course never miss out on drinking lot of water and eating healthy food which will keep your skin hydrated all year around.


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