Testament To Our Work – Skin Treatments


July 2019

Testament To Our Work – Skin Treatments

By: drPauls

Results Of The Skin Treatment Offered In Dr. Paul’s Clinic, Kolkata. Here is a testament to our work. Ms. Payal Saha came into our clinic in Kolkata distressed by thepigmentation patches under her eyes and acne marks that had stayed on her face for a long time! She wanted a solution and she was ready for it! Under the guidance of our expert dermatologists, Ms. Payal’s skin was diagnosed and analysed for the extent of damage it had taken. Depending on the extent, the appropriate treatment is prescribed to all patients who walk into our clinic. First thing we did was to assure Ms. Payal that we could improve her skin condition and explained the entire process to her. Why that exact treatment? What will the process entail? What will the after care consist of? How long will the process take? When will it take effect? These were the questions asked and addressed. On the commencement of the treatment, it was a regular stream of well spaced sessions where our experienced dermatologists set to work on Payal’s skin and gave it a complete makeover. Ms. Payal was pleasantly surprised and was very happy with her new skin and improved complexion! We wish her all the success in her future endeavors! If you too are suffering from skin troubles, you have seen the results! Pick up the phone and call us to set up an appointment today! ** The name of the patient has been changed to protect their privacy.


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