Top 10 Diet Tips To Prevent Hair Loss!


July 2019

Top 10 Diet Tips To Prevent Hair Loss!

By: drPauls

While there are many complexes as well as hereditary causes of Hair loss, the treatments and preventive measures for this problem are known to be quite simple and easy to put into practice. Moreover, if done with some regularity, these measures can not only put a stop to hair loss completely, they can also have many other health benefits. In this article, we will suggest some good diet and nutritional tips that will help to not only prevent hair loss but also help in putting a stop to it. Firstly, keep in mind that a diet that is high in sodium and fats is known to promote hair loss. Such a diet also leads to the clogging or arteries, thinning of the blood and also damages our kidneys. As such, switching to a low fat and high energy diet will inhibit the hair thinning process. Also, studies have indicated that males having high testosterone are known to be more susceptible to male pattern baldness as a consequence of a high animal protein and a high-fat diet.Secondly, one also needs to keep in mind that too little protein in our diet can also result in hair loss as it leads to inhibition of hair growth. This is mainly because a lack of protein forces the hair follicles to go into a resting state.Keep in mind that not all types of fats are bad for us. In fact, the mono-saturated fats found in extra virgin olive oil and those found in nuts are known to actually be good for the hair as they revitalize the growth of hair follicles and thus promote hair growth.Food items such as potatoes, rice, pasta, which are known to be high in carbohydrates, are known to increase the blood sugar levels of our body. A high level of blood sugar is known to promote hair loss so such food items too should be consumed in moderation.Alcohol is known to lower the levels of Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Zinc and even the folic acid levels in the human body. This deficiency of vitamins and other vital nutrients affects the health of the hair and scalp. Also, alcohol is known to contain a high level of calories and sugar. Ideally speaking, one should not have more than one alcoholic drink per day.Caffeine that is found in various drinks such as aerated soft drinks, coffee, etc. is known to reduce the levels of Zinc, Potassium as well as Vitamins B and C in our bodies. This deficiency will lead to an increase in the overall levels of Dihydro-Testosterone or DHT which is a type of testosterone that not only leads to hair loss but also to the growth of the prostate.An important food item that stimulates the growth of hair is Soy Protein. A study has, in fact, indicated that it can actually increase hair growth by as much as 15%. Some of the notable sources of soy protein are cheese, yogurt, soy milk, eggs, tofu, fish, etc.An important cause of hair loss is Anemia. You can prevent this by simply eating food that is rich in iron. Common items include dried fruits, green leafy vegetables, liver, raisins, eggs, dates, cherry juice and also whole grain cereals.You can also add silica to the list of good nutrients that help improve the overall health of our hair and also preventing hair loss.Lastly, make sure that you incorporate food items that are rich in iodine such as iodized salt, carrots, spinach, turnips, cabbage etc as this nutrient also helps in improving the health of our hair and scalp.


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