Top 10 Hair Care Tips for Winter


July 2019

Top 10 Hair Care Tips for Winter

By: drPauls

Having long, lustrous, thick and smooth hair is a dream of every woman. Lucky are those women who possess such hair from genetics, but for others, they need to do little homework to get there. Hair care regime should different according to the seasons. While people believe winter causes trouble only for skin, the fact is this season also causes damage for hair. Winter can really take a toll on your hair making it messy, hard, and dry. As winter is unavoidable, here are some easy steps to gain gorgeous hair in winter. Top 10 Winter Hair Care Tips Oiling is must during winter. Make sure you apply oil once in two days, this will strengthen hair roots, restore moisture and reduce hair fall. Essential oils are best (Rosemary, lavender, jojoba) when clubbed with base oils such as castor, sesame seed and coconut oil.Washing our hair regularly is vital during winter as it is exposed to winter breeze causing damage. You can avoid rigid hair by washing it regularly.Avoid taking bath using hot water during winter season. Hot water makes your hair dry and frizzy. Luke warm water is best for all season when it comes to hair care.Choose your shampoo carefully this season. A mild sulfate-free shampoo should be good or even better to ask your dermatologist who can suggest according to your hair need.Another important factor to consider is conditioning hair every time you wash. They tend to improve elasticity of your hair and protect them from winter weather issues.Hair mask offers health and nourishment to our scalp, especially if your hair is prone to dandruff. Homemade mask options such as mixture of honey, lemon and egg or yoghurt, lemon and oatmeal can do wonders to your hair.Never use towel immediately after shower as your hair are weakest when they are wet. Tell it dry naturally.Using steam towel wrap once a week seems like a good option. This will help your cuticles to open pores and absorb oil.Just like glowing skin requires balance diet, our hair also needs food that fortifies hair follicle. Food such as salmon, walnuts, almond and spinach are rich in nutrients helping to keep your hair healthy.Never forget to cover up your hair when outdoor.


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