Top 3 Tattoo Removal Methods


July 2019

Top 3 Tattoo Removal Methods

By: drPauls

Tattoos are known to have a lot of emotions attached to them and most people must have put in a lot of thought in getting them done. However, there are some that can prove to be mistakes or downright embarrassments after a point in time. What seemed cool and hip at 18 or 20 may seem utterly shameful at 35 and hence we are sure a lot many of the people reading this will be here because they are looking for tattoo removal solutions and surgeries. Not only does removal of tattoos have long-standing effects, but there are also cost implications too. At times the removal may actually cost more than getting the tattoo done in the first place! Here are some popular and trusted tattoo removal methods. Top Tattoo Removal Methods: During the ancient times, there were a number of unconventional methods for removing tattoos such as injecting the area of the tattoo with garlic extracts, lime juice, wine and even pigeon dung. But relax. Today there are many safer and clinically proven methods for tattoo removal that have been perfected over decades. Here are 3 of them: Chemical Peels & Dermabrasion These are perhaps the first of all the modern methods for tattoo removal. Chemicals and acids can actually peel off the top layers of human skin and this will consequently allow new skin to form there which will eventually cover the scar left behind by the procedure and even the tattoo itself. Dermabrasions are a similar procedure with one addition that they may need the skin to be rubbed with salt. Depending upon the tattoo, one may need single or multiple sessions for removing the same by means of chemical peels. Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure These treatments were conceptualised in the early 1990’s and are perhaps the most commonly known methods for removing tattoos permanently. What they basically do is break down the tattoo ink that has been absorbed by the body so that the skin that forms anew does not bear the marks. Like chemical peels, this treatment also requires multiple sessions depending upon the size of the tattoo, the colorations and other related factors. Surgical Tattoo Removal Surgical tattoo removal is the most expensive procedure and is also the most effective. However, the same can only be done by certified medical experts and surgeons under due supervision owing to the risks involved in the same. A good surgical procedure for tattoo removal is one that involves minimal bleeding and yet manages to effectively remove the tattoo and at the same time does not leave any scars. Unlike the previous methods, surgical tattoo removal can be completed in a single day however one may need to get admitted in a medical institute for a day for the same.


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