Why Does Your Hair Turn Grey in Your Early 20s


July 2019

Why Does Your Hair Turn Grey in Your Early 20s

By: drPauls

Embracing the inevitable is not always possible especially when you’ve spotted silver hair in your early teen period. Today, I am going to tell you some of the reasons why your hair starts to grey at a premature age. Check it out. Premature graying is mostly related to genetics  Early hair graying is all in the genes. This means that if your parents suffered from graying from a very early age, you’re most likely to have grey hair in your teens. Genetics not only play an essential role in the onset of the silver hair, but they also determine the intensity and progress of the silver color. Smoking also causes grey hair  Studies have shown that smoking and graying is inter-related. According to National Center for Biotechnology Information, chain smokers develop grey hairs two and half times more as compared to the non-smokers. Moreover, excessive smoking leads to baldness. Gender and ethnicity are also responsible  As per a research published in The Dermatologist in 2011, Asians begin to grey in their late 30s while Caucasians in their early 30s. Near about half of the entire population of the world develop 50% of the grey hairs by the time they reach 50. You can blame your gender too for it-most women start graying around 35 where as most men observe grey hairs around 30s. Grey hair sets in when the melanin production stops  The color of our hair is due to the melanin pigment, a pigment found in the hair follicle. The formation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair also causes grey hair. With the passing of the years, the production of catalyze enzyme slows down. These enzymes are responsible for the breaking down of hydrogen peroxide. So, the hydrogen peroxide goes on forming which, in turn, affects the color of the hair. It may be the side-effect of certain drugs  Going grey is a natural process and it raises a red flag only in rare situations. Clinically, grey hairs may be linked to anemia, Vitamin B12 deficiency, and thyroid or pituitary gland issues. Stress may not affect your hair color  There is no evidence regarding the graying of the hair due to stress. But, many dermatologists believe that stress hormones work upon the melanocytes of the follicles compelling them to change the color. Going grey is not always associated with aging Here’s a great news for all the grey-haired guys! Graying doesn’t mean that you’re aging and thus will die shortly. There is no medical evidence to prove that there is a correlation between the mortality and the graying in either of the genders. Diseases also contribute to grey hair  Certain autoimmune syndromes, hormonal imbalances, and malnutrition lead to the development of premature grey hair. Some medical treatments like chemotherapy for cancer patients also accelerate the graying process. No one can reverse the graying process. But, you can prevent the early graying by living a disciplined and healthy life.


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