Winter Care for Your Hair


July 2019

Winter Care for Your Hair

By: drPauls

The cool and freezing winter climate has just arrived. The first thing that has to be frozen in our minds is ensuring that we don’t get so lazy to even care anything our hair, skin and body itself. Yes it’s completely understandable that in winter we tend to become so numb and feel too lazy to even work. The call for sound health and body is that we care and strive for it every season. Similarly most of the damage in winters will be to the most climate exposed portions like hair and skin. Below basics will help us keep our hair damage in control. Winter Care for Your Hair: A warm shower is very cozy to have in winters, but hot water shower can leave your scalp dry. It is best to have a quick shower but in mild water. Do continue your regime of hair wash of 2-3 times a week.It is a good practice in winter to nourish hair with good conditioner based on your hair type. If you have thick and voluminous hair then use a good hair nourishing and conditioning pack. If you have thin hairs then apply hair conditioner in strands lightly and evenly as the hair may not be able to bear too much conditioner.Oil is the best nourishing agent. Apply coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil whenever you feel dryness or even otherwise prior to shower.Develop the habit to wear a woolen hat in winters while going out; but take care that the wool interaction is not so frequent that they fall apart easily. One suggestion here would be to tie your hair normally with a satin cloth and then put on your woolen cozy hat.Do not forget to have enough nutrients and vitamins in your meals in the form of fruits and vegetables. Leave a Reply


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